About Jet Set Tourism

Jose Pereira co founder of Jet Set Tourism is not only a travel guru, but speaks 6 languages and is an internationally renowned swimmer and basketball player: "I worked for Varig and Air France for 12 years and then opened up my own travel agency in Brazil and United States.  World travel as a Competitive Swimmer and Monte Libano Basketball player has enriched my life and I enjoy sharing my travel knowledge with my clients. Yacht Charters and Sales are a specialty that I enjoy working with clients to attain their dream of ownership and travel.  I speak 6 languages and love to assist all who speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German."

When Jose and his family relocated to the United States, they met Mark Steward, formerly of Bookit.com, and a friendship was instantly born.  That friendship resulted in the opening of the US Branch, Jet Set Tourism in Raleigh, NC.

Mark Steward co-founder of Jet Set Tourism expresses his love of the travel industry.  "My first trip was to the Bahamas and from that moment forward I was enamored with travel and all the education and beauty it brought into my life.  I have been fortunate over the past 30 years while working in the travel industry to have traveled extensively with a heavy concentration in the Caribbean and Mexico.  I managed to create travel programs in all 26 Caribbean Islands for American Express for many years and that have me an intimate knowledge and look into the people and amenities of these islands.  Travel has always been a passion where I have fully immersed myself!  I love sharing those experiences with others.  I have made dreams come true for thousands of people over the years and I look forward to each and every experience that we create on behalf of our clients."

Jose and Mark work very hard to create not just a trip, not just a vacation, but a memorable experience for each of their clients, and the Travel Concierges in the Jet Set family are expected to do the same.  Each experience should be unique and filled with delightful moments to take back home with you.  Jet Set is always looking for the best talent in the industry to service each and every traveler as though they're experience is the most important one we are working on, because it is!

Why Jet Set Tourism?  Benefits for our travelers:

  • Peace of mind - Experience, it matters, rest assured you are in the best hands.  Our experienced Travel Concierges know the best places and how to find them at the best prices.

  • 24/7 emergency hotline - you are never alone when you travel, we are available in case of ... anything!

  • Recommendations - All of our Travel Concierges have traveled extensively, they can help you locate the "best of" just about anywhere.

  • Perks - Many travel suppliers set aside certain amenities JUST for Travel Concierge clients.  Things you can't get on your own when booking online.  Maybe it is a bottle of wine, or a free room upgrade.  Maybe it is a lower cost for your room than you can find on your own.  Whatever it might be our Travel Concierges work hard to make your experience just a little "extra".

  • Price - We all have families, and bills, and jobs, and budgets.  Although we focus on Luxury Travel, we also know the importance of a dollar.  We can create the BEST experiences on any budget.  Some prefer the Ritz, others the Holiday Inn, no matter your preference, we will make sure that we guard your wallet as if it was our own. 

  • Time - Our team does their research!  Booking the perfect destination can take hours of research.  Sit back, relax, and let us do all the work for you.

Ready to start planning your vacation?  We sure are!  Call or email us today!  If you are interested in becoming a Travel Concierge for Jet Set Tourism, please go to our Travel Concierge Benefits page here.

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