Congratulations and Welcome to the Team!

You just took your first step toward building a successful future for your travel agency!  We are here to help every step of the way!

So, what’s next?

Our team of experts is working to create your logins keep an eye out for your resource email!


Your resource email will include:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) Login.This is where you will:

    • Manage your company and agent profile

    • Keep track of all your client information

    • Keep track of all your bookings

    • Keep track of all your commission (owed and paid)

    • Keep track of all your leads

    • Opt to create marketing pieces to send to your clients

  • Virtuoso Profile Set Up and Login.This is where you will:

    • Mange your Virtuoso profile

    • Attend Virtuoso training

    • Opt to create Virtuoso marketing pieces

    • Search Virtuoso exclusive offers and amenities

  • Agent Port Profile Set Up and Login.This is where you will:

    • View content and offers from your website

    • Look up supplier offers and how to book them and or book them

    • Opt to create promotional links for your clients

  • Training Profile Set Up and Login.

    • Each of our resources have training modules.We encourage you to train as much as possible to stay up to minute on latest practices and offers, as well as new releases from our resource partners.

    • In addition, you will receive a login to Jet Set Tourism’s training platform to learn how to navigate the resources, and work with Jet Set suppliers and agents.

  • Your Website.This is where:

    • Your clients will visit you online to research and book travel and put in requests

IMPORTANT: In order to create your website you will need to fill out this form at your earliest convenience:


We at Jet Set Tourism again would like to welcome you and let you know we are truly excited to have you on board!  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything at all:


Customer Service Rep