New Exciting Career

Are you looking for a career with benefits that surpass just bringing home a paycheck?  Do you need to earn extra income on your own time?  Are you looking for a long term business model that you can grow at your own pace?  Are you looking for a business that does not require a huge upfront investment?  Do you LOVE to travel?  Do you LOVE to talk about and learn about destinations around the world?  Do you want to have the freedom to work remotely or open a store front?  Whatever your reason for wanting to become a Travel Professional, we can help you make your own unique vision and dream a reality.


We are an experienced group of individuals who are passionate about the travel industry.  We have developed a new training program specifically for people serious about becoming Travel Agents.

We aren't your run of the mill host agency.  We have a different approach.  We invite you to partner with us and take advantage of our top tier level commission rates and industry knowledge.  


We will give you the tools and knowledge you need to start earning more
money immediately, with unlimited income potential.

We know the thought has crossed your mind....Do people still use Travel

Agents?  Can I really make a living at this?



Travel agents are making a huge come back! The travel & tourism industry

has a huge economic impact of over 6.5 trillion worldwide (


Travel is thriving and independent travel professionals working remotely

are seeing solid increases in earnings year over year.

People are using travel agents more and more because they can get personalized, knowledgeable feedback they just can't get online. 

Travel Agents specialize in knowing all the hidden gems, the best spots, the available amenities.  They are well connected and have direct access to suppliers that will give them benefits and pricing that consumers just can't get on their own.  Travel Agents ensure their clients get the best value for their time and money and truly make the difference when it comes to creating a dream vacation and truly memorable experiences. 


These are just some of the reasons why becoming a Travel Professional now is a smart career move!

To learn how to become a travel professional you need to partner with an organization that has experience, tools, and access to those benefits that consumers cannot find on their own. Our travel agency has been in business for over 30 years. We know what you need to build a profitable travel business. We belong to Virtuoso, the strongest, oldest, and most technologically advanced travel co-op in the industry today.

Our hand-picked curriculum will prepare you to hit the ground running when you begin your new travel business. When comparing our program to others be sure to find out what training curriculum is being offered. Ask if you will have access to The Travel Institute to earn your Certified Travel Agent (CTA) and Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) certifications. Ask if you will be able to sell travel as you are taking the courses. Find out if there's a plan for letting people know that you are in the travel industry. Find out if there is a customized marketing system and if it can target client interests. Is there an automated program to keep in touch with clients before, during, and after their vacation? Not all programs are the same so be sure to do your homework. Professional travel agents know you get what you pay for in choosing a host and the same is true when choosing a training program.


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